What is Allophilia

Allophilia is having a positive attitude for a group that is not one's own. This term, coined in 2006 by Harvard University professor Todd Pittinsky after he was unable to find an antonym to the word "prejudice," derives from the Greek words meaning "liking or love of the other."

"Allophilia is important because it is essential to achieving the highest ideals of our democracy." - Kevin Lindsey

Minnesota's demographics are changing fast and diversity is one of our strength's as a state. We believe our differences whether they are cultural, social, etc have the potential to make Minnesota stronger in every way. In order for us to reach that potential, we envision a Minnesota where all individuals not only recognized, but also respected and celebrated.

Background Articles

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was explicit about the importanct of moving beyond mere tolerance promotion toward the creation of positive intergroup attitudes. Although he originally believed that love was limited to the sphere of individual relationships, he later concluded the it could be a "potent instrument for social and collective transformation."


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