“We stand in need of people who will join us to make the difference; part of a new, better and positive reality one child at a time.”
Judge Glenda Hatchett, Court Appointed Special Advocate, CASA spokesperson

Rally for Foster Care and Adoption Initiative

A community outreach effort to increase the number of kinship, foster and adoptive families for African American children who are currently in need of loving families and homes.

Initiative Goals

  1. To collaborate, partner, and have multiple rally events to celebrate children and families

  2. To bring together collective strengths, resources, experiences, and stories to promote community awareness and action, that will result in more kinship, foster care, adoptive parents and improving outcomes for African American children’s health, safety, and well-being.

  3. To help reduce disparities in the over-representation of children of African heritage in out of home placement.

Upcoming Events

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Latest News & Information

The Rally Recruitment Kick-off on September 13th at the Selby Jazz Fest was successful. Over 137 surveys were completed, and over 60 people signed up for more information. We are asking your support of the Initiative goals to help recruit foster/adoptive/kinship families for African American children currently in out of home...

Please come and support the Rally for Foster Care and Adoption Initiative by participating in the first Rally event on November 9th, 2014, first session from 8am-10:30am, or the second session from 10:30am-3:00pm. Please RSVP by phone 612-232-1598 or email to patriciabanks@urbanventures.org at MADDADS, which is one of the Minneapolis community partners.

Governor Mark Dayton today took a series of executive actions to protect children in Minnesota from the threat of abuse and neglect. These efforts include both immediate changes to the child protection system, and the establishment of a new Governor’s Task Force on the Protection of Children. The Task Force,...

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