Historic Day at the Capitol

Thank You for Showing Up & Speaking Out 
Our community made history at Building the Foundation for Allophilia at the Capitol! Our day was packed with 5 committee hearings on our community's Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Housing, Urban Agriculture and Arts bills in addition to a lively Rally in the Rotunda. There were many highlights throughout the day and we documented most of the day with photographs as well as a short film project that will be released soon.
For now, click here to take a look at our Flickr page for photos.

We would like to recognize the many individuals and community partners that worked behind the scenes to ensure the success of the day. We are proud to have had a strong coalition of over 45 local community groups and organizations participate making our community's day a success. A special thank you also to all the elected officials who, with your involvement, have listened to our community's solutions sincerely and are actively working to bring them to fruition.

Allophilia at the Capitol

Our Next Steps In The Process
The most powerful parts of our day were the testimony's of our community members. One by one, they spoke directly to power and justified our solutions with moving stories based on the realities facing Black Minnesotans. This was an amazing way to celebrate Black History Month and an amazing start to our community's renewed commitment to playing an active role in policy making. It's not enough for our community to participate only in elections. We must also be active and involved in the creation of policies intended to solve the problems our community faces.

Our day at the Capitol was only the first step! We need to be even more proactive in working our community's solutions through the legislative process. We will need more people to testify in support of each of our respective bills. The committee schedules can change on the fly so make sure sign up with your phone number and we can send you updates on the fly.
Click here to make sure we have your information!  

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